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CAFEC Arita Ware Deep Dripper Pro

CAFEC Arita Ware Deep Dripper Pro

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A dripper that can deepen the filtration tank during extraction by setting it to a shallower angle (45°) than a normal dripper. This allows the hot water to pass through the bean layer longer, so it is designed to maximize the umami of the beans.

In addition, a unique rib (projection) is provided inside to form an appropriate air layer. Even inflatable beans can be inflated firmly.

Recently, the one-cup dripper is preferred, and we mainly handle one-cup drippers at our store. However, when you have guests or want to make iced coffee in advance, it is better to use a dripper with a larger capacity. The deep dripper brings out the umami of dark roasted beans, so it is also recommended for ice cream.

This item is made of ceramic.

Please use the Abaca Plus DEEP45 filter for this dripper.

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