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KINTO SEPIA mug 340ml

KINTO SEPIA mug 340ml

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It is a mug cup of the KINTO SEPIA series. If you put café au lait or latte in a normal cup, it will be quite the amount, but this one is 340ml full of water. Even drinks with a finished volume of around 200ml can be easily covered.

The amber color, which is rare in glass mugs, makes it look stylish on your desk. All of the SEPIA series can be stacked, so even if you own more than one, it won't take up space or become unstable when stored (there is a limit to stacking).

How about switching from ordinary pottery mugs?

This is a comparison of a 340ml mug and a 270ml cup. The manager seems to think that the cup is more of a KINTO style, but if you have large hands, even a mug will not be unbalanced.

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