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Introducing a slightly different dripper. Have you ever wanted to enjoy coffee on the mountain but don't want your luggage to be bulky? This dripper is a unique dripper that uses a simple stainless steel plate that is bent.

It is made to solve the problem that the drip bag is soaked in coffee, but trapezoidal filters and Kalita Wave filters can also be used. After that, all you need is ground beans and hot water, and you won't have to walk mountains with bulky coffee equipment.

The dripper holder is designed to be large enough to accommodate wide-mouthed cups. Sierra Cup will also allow you to use the drip bag as it was originally intended, so you don't have to prepare a mug for coffee.

This dripper is recommended for fast & light hiking and outdoor activities.

* This product will be delivered from the roasting lab, not from the affiliated warehouse. The shipping schedule follows the business days of the roasting lab. The shipping fee is 100 yen.

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