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ORIGAMI dripper used by coffee champions and known all over the world. Of course, the ease of control of extraction is a point, but the beauty of the appearance is also a point. It's not that your coffee won't be delicious without this dripper, but we hope you'll enjoy it as an option that adds color to your coffee style.

We carry all colors of ORIGAMI. See the comparison images below for matte green and green, matte blue and turquoise, and matte pink and pink, which are particularly difficult to understand.

Matt green and green. Matte is semi-gloss. Green is a color close to yellowish green.

Matt blue and turquoise. Turquoise is a slightly greener shade than matte blue.

Matt pink and pink. Pink is more glossy and has a darker hue. Matte pink is a little more whitish than pink.

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