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KINTO SEPIA cup & saucer 270ml

KINTO SEPIA cup & saucer 270ml

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A 270ml cup from KINTO's SEPIA series with a 130mm non-slip saucer. Easy-to-use capacity for coffee, easy-to-hold shape, and stacking are also possible.

There are many variations of KINTO products, but we chose the SEPIA series to hide the color of the coffee. We believe that you can focus more on the flavor of coffee while using it on a daily basis.

The design has a unique shape, and by using it in combination with the non-slip saucer and non-slip tray (sold separately), it will make a strong presence on your desk or tabletop, creating a stylish setting for your daily life and work environment. They will.

*This product will be delivered in a cosmetic box.

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